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ILAC P10:XX/201X policy on the traceability of measurement results

ILAC P10 Revised Draft B4.0 - November 2012
To ensure confidence in the results of accredited laboratories, accreditation bodies implement ILAC policies and use guidance documents to assist in the uniform and harmonised approach of accreditation criteria. Metrological traceability of measurement results is a key topic for which a harmonised policy is needed if the market is to have confidence in calibrations, testing and inspections performed by accredited laboratories and inspection bodies covered by the ILAC Arrangement.

This document describes the ILAC policy with regard to the metrological traceability requirements from ISO/IEC 17025:2005 [2] and ISO 15189:2007 [3]. This policy may also be applied to other conformity assessment activities where testing and/or calibration is involved (e.g., inspection and product certification). For calibrations performed by a laboratory in order to establish metrological traceability for its own activities, and which are not a part of the laboratory’s scope of accreditation, the ILAC policy in paragraph 2 is applicable. Internal calibrations are also known as “In-house” calibrations.

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