October 26, 2018 (Singapore)

You are invited to attend the 2018 UILI LABMEETING, held in Singapore on October Friday 26th at 10:00h. If you would like to attend the meeting and/or participate in one or more parts of the program you're kindly invited to register here. The UILI secretariat will than contact you and send you all the necessary details to join our meeting. Click here for the program of the 2018 UILI LABMEETING. Please feel welcome to come.

Registration fee will cost € 75,00 or equivalent in Singapore Dollars (113 SGD).

Please check your e-mail address in our database and send the form.

Enter the first 3 characters of your organization and search your organization in our database. Please select the contact person. If you couldn't find your organization in the database? Click on the button 'register' and register your organization first. Enter your personal details and search again using the above instructions.

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Amount Name Price
Event delegate à € 75,00
Laboratory visit à € 30,00
Conference delegate (including lunch) à € 75,00

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