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UILI-EUROLAB Memorandum of Understanding Committee

UILI and EUROLAB have signed in April 2013 in Woerden, Nederland a Memorandum of understanding In order to develop ties of cooperation, avoid duplication of activities and to organize regular consultation on policy matters searching to achieve goals of common interest for their laboratory members. To implement and make effective the agreement a Working Group was created that meets several times a year to discuss both technical and political issues.

The working group has met in June and November of 2013 and recently in April 1 of this year. The W.G. has dealt several current laboratory sector issues such as:

  • Document (ILAC P10 ) about new policy from ILAC for calibration
  • New Revision of the ISO/IEC 17025
  • APLAC POLICY For Certified Reference Material Producers
  • Harmonization of activities within Global IAF, ILAC and Regional Associations of Accreditation bodies: ILAC and IAF are promoting the harmonization of activities between Global and Regional organizations of accreditation bodies and promoting the development of Regional organizations in different parts of the world.

In the last meeting on April 1 on Warsaw the group emphasized the importance of the mutual cooperation to work together in promoting the creation of REGIONAL ORGANIZATIONS OF LABS WORLDWIDE so that these regional organizations could also re-enforce the paper of UILI. This proposal is very welcome in UILI but this is not an easy task, because in other regions of the world, laboratories are not as well organized as we are here in Europe. There are not regional organizations such as Eurolab nor even Country Associations in South America, Africa or Asia. So at the meeting several possible strategies were proposed to be developed in next years to achieve the goal.


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