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Succession planning
As with any successful organization, CCIL has for many years enjoyed the benefits of its volunteer Board of Directors, some of whom have been with the former CTA (Canadian Testing Association) and CCIL for more than 40 years, i.e. Gib McIntee 40+ years, Stephen Walker 25+ years, and finally Michael Maher and Al Nathoo 15+ years. Newly elected President Jeff Pike has set as one of his objectives to look at the future and plan for a succession so that CCIL remains strong and vital to the Canadian testing industry and beyond.

The importance of a good succession is the reliance on systems and not the reliance on individuals. The aim will be to 1) develop current job descriptions; 2) itemize the critical staff, when and what they do; 3) itemize where everything is maintained and 4) maintain a critical list of contacts.

Reduction in Membership fees
The highly successful laboratory certification programs have provided CCIL with the opportunity to give back to its members by reducing by 50% their CCIL corporate and associate corporate membership fees. Furthermore, all participants in the CCIL concrete laboratory certification program will see their fees reduced by a further 15%.

Certification Programs
Nation-wide, there are currently over 785 CCIL laboratory certifications for asphalt, aggregate and concrete testing. CCIL is the largest laboratory certification body in Canada with certified labs in all provinces. Our programs are not only expanding but also highly regarded across the Country.

CCIL Awards Program
CCIL has established a committee to oversee this project which is meant to recognize a government ministry/department or regulatory agency for undertaking a program or implementing a policy that reflects the vision and values of CCIL. The first award is to be presented to ON One-Call at CCIL’s April 28th, 2014 meeting in Toronto.


CCIL By-Laws
Canadian Legislation now requires that all Not-For-Profit organizations, such as CCIL, apply for A Continuance of their By-Laws by October of 2014. With due diligence by the committee overseeing this tedious task, our Articles of Continuance, along with our revised By-Laws, were sent to Industry Canada in November of 2013 and approved on December 27th, 2013.

Bureau Veritas acquires Maxxam Analytics
One of our largest Environmental/Life Sciences member labs, Maxxam Analytics, has just been acquired by Bureau Veritas whose headquarters are in Paris. Maxxam will continue to operate under its Maxxam brand. Bureau Veritas is determined to be the biggest testing company in the world. Our congratulations to Bureau Veritas for the acquisition of this very prominent company in our Canadian Environmental testing industry.

Tax-Favoured Competition
Tax-Favoured competition is still one of the main issues with all of our labs. CCIL will continue to help to promote its members’ independent testing services and continue to pursue those who continue to provide public testing facilities where independent facilities are well able to handle the work.

Warranty-Based and P3 Contracts
Warranty Based Contracts in Ontario and P3 Contracts in BC continue to be of great concern to CCIL, primarily because they frequently do not specify independent testing services. Executive Director Derwyn Reuber continues to push for meetings with different Ministers to ensure that CCIL`s views are duly recorded and that our opinions are clearly understood by the government agencies. In Ontario, CCIL has gone public with its concerns, issuing News Releases and giving media interviews.

2014 CCIL Directory
CCIL is in the midst of the preparation of its 9th CCIL directory of member firms. Printing and delivery of the directories is expected by the beginning of April with distribution on a National Level in that same month.

2014 Geotechnical/Construction Materials Benchmark Survey
CCIL has embarked on a 4th Benchmark survey for the members of the Geotechnical/Construction Materials Division. The project is well under way with results expected by the April 28th National Board Meeting, AGM and Meet your MPP event.

CCIL Scholarship
Our three year commitment to a scholarship fund has been reached and after much discussion at the last Board of Directors meeting, it was suggested that both divisions look at scholarship opportunities for CCIL.

Meet your MPP Reception – April 28, 2014
CCIL has organized for its members, a meet your MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) Reception to be held immediately after its AGM on April 28th, 2014. This Meet your MPP will be held at the Provincial Legislature in Toronto where more than 50 MPPs will be invited to meet with their CCIL member constituents.


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