General Assemblies
No. Date Country City Location Details
24th 2011 France Paris Maison de la Chimie Details
23th 2010, Oktober 22 Japan Osaka Hyatt Regency Osaka Details
22th 2008, September 5 Spain Malaga Malaga Palacio Hotel Details
21th 2007, September 7 Belgium Brussels Hotel Amigo Details
20th 2005, September 30 United Kingdom London The Parklane Hotel Details
19th 2003, September 12 The Netherlands The Hague Carlton Ambassador Hotel Details
18th 2001, September 28 Canada Ottawa Rideau Club Details
17th 1999, September 25 Bermuda Hamilton Hamilton Princess Hotel Details
16th 1997, October 17 Spain Madrid Centro de Investigación y Control de Calidad Details
15th 1995, September 22 Belgium Brussels Dorint Hotel Details
14th 1993, September 24 United Kingdom Cambridge Kings College Details
13th 1990, June 11 The Netherlands Rotterdam World Trade Center Details
12th 1987, June 15 Denmark Copenhagen Details
11th 1984, United States Washington Details
10th 1981, Spain Barcelona Details
9th 1978, October 30 United Kingdom Bath Details
8th 1976, The Netherlands Maastricht Details
7th 1973, Germany Wiesbaden Details
6th 1971, France Tours Details
5th 1969, June 3 Belgium Brussels Details
4th 1966, United Kingdom Leamington Details
3th 1963, The Netherlands Amsterdam Details
2th 1960, September 2 Germany Hamburg Details
1th 1959, March 13 France Paris Maison de Chimie Details

What is UILI?

The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants is the worldwide organisation for independent testing and calibration laboratories and for independent consultancy organisations.

Besides receiving regular information on developments of interest to members, their interests are represented at international forums such as ILAC,ISO and UNIDO.


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