CMS editor

The application is equipped with a Content Management System. The texts and images as they are included in the content articles can be edited by authorized staff only. By setting the CMS editor on the authorized user will be allowed to update the content within de content management system. Therefor on every page a small edit button appears. By clicking on the edit button you will be able to store a new version of the article available within the framework for the set page.

By setting a publication date (dd-mm-yyyy) you define as of which date this content version of the article will be shown. Don't forget to activate the new version, put the article in the right content category and store the article in all the available languages.

By using the history button a previous version of the specific article can be activated. When your work is done please set both the lay-out and the text status of the edited article as being correct. Two green signs will appear to show that the content has been authorized.


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