UILI Newsletter October 2016
UILI Labmeeting 2016 New Delhi
UILI LabMeeting in New Delhi, India on October, 27 - 28th
On October 26 -28th 2016 the UILI Board will meet in New Delhi, India coinciding with ILAC’s annual meeting. It gives me great pleasure to inform you about the '2016 UILI LABMEETING’ which has been organized by the International Union of Independent Laboratories (UILI) on October 27th, 2016 in New Delhi, India.

In collaboration with the AOIL (Association of Indian Laboratories), UILI has been working on organizing the Labmeeting. A workshop with the participation of several speakers from different countries. All experts in topics relevant for laboratory business. 

The following program gives a good impression of the themes and topics which will be highlighted during the 2016 UILI labmeeting in New Delhi.

Thursday Oct. 27th

13:30 – 14:00 Registration of participants
UILI LabMeeting 2016 open to ILAC Members and beneficiaries
14:00 – 14:30 Meet and Greet the stakeholders
  • Opening:
    - Drs. Luc Scholtis, 14th President of UILI, Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants, Past-President of VRS, Vereniging van Raadgevend Scheikundige Laboratoria and CEO of LabWing B.V. (the Netherlands).
    - Mr. Peter Unger, Chairman of ILAC, International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and President Eneritus A2LA, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (USA).
Powering the laboratory industry
14:30 – 15:50 Moderator: Dr. Manahén Fernández, Immediate Past-President of UILI, Past-President of AELI, Asociación Española de Laboratorios Independientes (Spain).
  • ‘The development of laboratory business in India, competing in a global market‘, Mr. A. K. Nehra, President of AOIL, Association of Indian Laboratories (India).
  • ‘Competing in Europe with 47 laboratories, 9 accreditation bodies and 5 total different scopes with all different national regulations’, Drs. Hans van der Wart, President of VRS, Vereniging van Raadgevend Scheikundige Laboratoria and CEO of Shield Group (the Netherlands).
  • ‘Laboratory Accreditation system of Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam’, Dr. Toru Matsumura, Treasurer of UILI, Vice-President of JEMCA and executive director of IDEA Consultants, Inc. (Japan).
  • ‘Developing laboratory bussiness in Africa’, Mr. John Wilson, Vice-Chairman of NLA, National Laboratory Association of South Africa and director of Accreditation & Metrology Services of Comtest Pty Ltd (South Africa).
15:50 – 16:10 Coffee break
Building the global platform to strengthen the laboratory industry
16:10 – 17:30 Moderator: Ir Jan Soers, UILI Unaffiliated ordinary members representative and CEO of GEOS N.V. (Belgium).
  • ‘Accreditation Stakeholders joining forces in the Americas’, Dr. Alfredo Montes-Niño, UILI Unaffiliated ordinary members representative and Managing Director of Microbióticos Paraguay-Uruguay-Brasil and Dr. Gabriel Fonseca, Executive Director of ASOCOLAB, Asociación Colombiana de Laboratorios (Colombia).
  • ‘Laboratory associations in Japan, JEMCA Topics‘, Mr. Masahiro Tanaka, President of JEMCA, Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association and General Manager of Tokai Techno Co,. Ltd. (Japan).
  • ‘Associations of laboratories in Europe: Building a global platform’, Dr. Álvaro Silva Ribeiro, Vice-President of UILI, President of RELACRE, Associaçao de Laboratórios Acreditados de Portugal and President of EUROLAB, European Federation of National Associations of Measurements, Testing and Analytical Laboratories (Portugal).
  • General discussion
18:00 – 22:00 Welcome reception ILAC / IAF at Lalit
Download Full Program
Secretariate M. Fernández Valero
I expect the '2016 UILI LABMEETING’ will be of great value to the image and authority of the laboratory sector and I cordially invite you on Thursday October 27th.
For all information and documentation concerning our meeting, I am refering to the website of UILI ( www.uili.org). You can also download the program there.  For additional information about the LabMeeting or membership please contact Mrs. Melissa Fernández Valero at  secretariat@uili.org


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