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UILI LabMeeting 2019 Frankfurt
Mr. Claus Prade, president UEG is guiding the UILI delegates as they visit his oustanding laboratories.

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LabMeeting 2019 Lab visitat UEG

LabTour 2019 - Chemisches und mikrobiologisches Institut UEG
On October 25, 2019, the German Verein für Unabhangiger Pruflabors (VUP) organized a LabTour at the facilities of Chemisches und mikrobiologisches Institut UEG in Wetzlar. UEG is a laboratory focused on Food and environmental analysis and research laboratory. The UILI delegates and board members had the opportunity to see the facilities first-hand and had the honor of sharing their experiences with their German colleagues.
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VUP - Deutscher Verband Unabhängiger Prüflaboratorien e.V.
The LabTour 2019 was organized in close cooperation with VUP, the German Association of Independent Laboratories. VUP is the association of independent private laboratory companies operating in Germany and carrying out tests and measurements for their customers in the interest of product safety and quality as well as environmental, health and consumer protection. There aim is to promote quality, competence, sustainability and economic success as well as the recognition of the companies and entrepreneurs working in the laboratory industry. VUP is established December 1993 as an association of independent, private testing laboratories. VUP has got over 630 members offering testing and analytic services. VUP has got offices in Giessen and Berlin. As there are so much fields of common understanding UILi would welcome VUP as one of its outstanding member organizations.
LabMeeting 2019 Lottehaus, Wetzlar
LabMeeting 2019 Wetzlar Cathedra, construction began in 1230.
Visit and dinner in the historic German city of Wetzlar
The UILI delegation did visit the beautiful city of Wetzlar where they made a great guided tour and afterwards were invited to a nice traditional german dinner at the Ratsschaenke. We thank Mr. Prade, VUP and UEG for their kind hospitatlity.
LabMeeting 2019 Meeting laboratory colleagues during dinner

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LabTour XL in Europe - April 17-20, 2020
Meet colleagues and entrepreneurs in different European laboratories.

On the occasion of the 28th General Assembly and the 110th anniversary of VRS, UILI will organize a 3 day-European LabTour prior to the UILI-VRS meeting in Rotterdam.

From Germany to The Netherlands you will be visiting 4 different laboratories in 4 different countries. It is the ultimate opportunity to get acquainted with the different European laboratories and cultures. Take a look behind the scenes, expand your network and have a little look around the beautiful European cities. If you would like to be informed on the program or like to reserve a place please click here.

UILI LabMeeting 2019 Frankfurt
Drs Luc H.A. Scholtis 14th UILI President welcomes Mr. A. Blöth representing VUP during the LabMeeting 2019 in Frankfurt
On 24th and 25th of October 2019, coinciding with ILAC- IAF annual meeting, UILI celebrated its annual meeting in Frankfurt. In addition to the meeting of the UILI Governing board different activities such as the LabTour and city tour in Wetzlar and a LabMeeting that was focused on the role Independent Testing in Inspection and Certification. During the LabMeeting international experts and speakers gave lectures on topics of importance to the business of the laboratories. These conferences are available on the UILI website.
Report of the UILI President Drs. Luc Scholtis at the UILI LabMeeting 2019
Drs Scholtis expressed his gratitude to the members of the Governing Board, its executive committee, for their enormous collaboration given to the decision making in the activities undertaken by UILI during the past year.
He commented that to continue UILI's growth and added value to members UILI needs more people to be involved. Sharing responsibility, each person being responsible for a different task: ILP coordination, external representation: ILAC; ISO, UNIDO, Regional Accreditation Associations. The President highlights the fact that UILI’s voice is being listened to in international forums such as ILAC and or ISO. A good development would be to strengthen UILI's voice.
LabMeeting 2019 LabMeeting 2019
LabMeeting 2019 Chairman AOIL Association of Indian Laboratories (India)
LabMeeting 2019 ‘Addressing Risk & Opprotunity-Analysis and Evaluation’ by Mr. Tewari
LabMeeting 2019 ‘Independent Testing in Inspection and Cerification Role of Laboratory Accreditation in Professional Business Growth’ by Dr. Singh
The of role Independent Testing in Inspection and Certification
The Topics adressed: To read the presentations click on the title.
Cyber safe Labs‘ by Drs. Luc Scholtis, 14th President of UILI, Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants, Past-President of VRS, Vereniging van Raadgevend Scheikundige Laboratoria and CEO of LabWing B.V. (The Netherlands).

Addressing Risk & Opprotunity-Analysis and Evaluation‘, Mr D. S. Tewari, Chairman AOIL Association of Indian Laboratories (India).

Independent Testing in Europe’, Dr. Álvaro Silva Ribeiro, Vice-President of UILI, President of RELACRE, Associaçao de Laboratórios Acreditados de Portugal and President of EUROLAB, European Federation of National Associations of Measurements, Testing and Analytical Laboratories (Portugal).

Independent testing in Germany’, Mr. Anton Blöth, Geschäftfuhrer VUP, Deutscher Verband Unabhängiger Prüflaboratorien (Germany).

Overview of Chinese Measurement Business in 2018’, Dr. Toru Matsumura, Treasurer of UILI, Vice-President of JEMCA and executive director of IDEA Consultants, Inc. (Japan).

Independent Testing in Inspection and Cerification Role of Laboratory Accreditation in Professional Business Growth’, Mr R. B. Singh, Secretary General AOIL Association of Indian Laboratories (India).
LabTour 2019
Opening ILAC Laboratory Committee
LabTour 2019 Mr. R.B. Singh and Mr. Lalit Paneri from AOIL at the ILAC Laboratory Committee
ILAC Laboratory Committee
UILI participated with a large delegation in the ILAC Laboratory Committee. After many years this commitee will be changed into the ILAC stakeholder forum. UILI is worried the voice of the independent testing laboratories will be weakend in the new stakeholder forum.

The organization of Interlaboratory Practices is one of the most important contributions of UILI for its members and it is open to the participation of all the laboratories world-wide. Registration is still open to the 21st UILI ILP.
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