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Newsletter August 2011

From the President’s Desk

From the President’s desk

Dear Members,

In the year of our 50th anniversary it is a pleasure to give you an update of our association activities. On September 16th we will hold our 24th General Assembly at The Maison De La Chimie in Paris. I would kindly like to invite you to attend the meeting. Please send an email to the secretariate at info@uili.org to announce your attendance. Looking forward to meet you in Paris.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Hideo Tabata
12th UILI President

Proficiency testing

UILI Inter Laboratory Practice shows the influence of different pre-treatment methods on final results reported

Since 2005, UILI has been conducting ILP (Inter Laboratory Practice) as one of quality management in the global environmental chemical analysis field. 5 tests have been implemented by 2011. Summary of past tests are shown on Table-1.

For evaluation, the median of reported values of participants are used as “assigned values”. ISO/IEC Guide 43-1, APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) T001 and ISO 13528 are adopted for statistical analysis. Results are shown by z scores and Youden plots with confidence ellipses.

The ILP Committee of UILI, JEMCA (Japan Environmental Measurement & Analysis Association) and VRS (Vereniging van Raadgevend Scheikundige) is in charge of statistical analysis, and report issuing for the Japanese and English version.

Taking into account the circumstances that analysis methods are diverse among countries, the method in ILP is not instructed. However, participants are required to report their method on pretreatment and type of detection instrument used. Based on this information, we analyze and evaluate the difference of reported values depending on methods. In this point this test differs from the definition of “Proficiency Testing” of ISO/IEC Guide 43 and/or ISO/IEC 17043, so we named “Inter Laboratory Practice”. We noted lots of attractive results gained from 1st to 5th ILP which we couldn’t face in domestic interlaboratory comparison tests. For instance, we found by statistical evaluation that different pretreatment when analyzing some metal causes a great differ in reported value.

As characteristic of chemical analysis, data are often exchanged at international trading scenes. We argue the benefits of this kind of program and in future such a mutual recognition system amongst global testing laboratories will become required.

Header AELI

Global crisis and laboratory business in Spain

Here in Spain, more than in most of the members of the European Union, the global crisis is affecting appreciably the activities of the laboratories. Provided that the economy is still not giving symptoms of a stable recovery this situation will continue for at least one more year.

Governing Board Dr. M. Fernandez A. There have been changes in the European and Spanish Legislation (R.D. 135/2010 of February), which affect in great measure the activities of food laboratories. A delegation from AELI met with the Authorities from the Spanish Health Department, to inform them about the concern in the world of the laboratories of this new legislation that derogates all the existing microbiological requirements for control on food products and enforces a new CE Regulation (CE 2073/2005) of minimal requirements. The representatives from the laboratories think that with this new regulation the security of the food products is not always guaranteed. So far no reception has being obtained to our complaint.

AELI’s crusade against unfair competence in Spain

AELI the Spanish association of independent laboratories began several years ago a crusade against unfair competition in the laboratory business, specially that coming from the so called “Technological Centers" and University laboratories. In both cases, they offer analytical assays to private companies, at very low prices because they use their cost free facilities for these activities instead of using them for research. Following with this fight AELI had on November 4th, a journey dedicated specifically to the subject. In the Association there is a very active group of experts, including lawyers who are working continuously in this matter.

UILI’s ILP in Spain

The UILI International Proficiency Testing exercise has a good reception in Spain. Several laboratories participate, but in order to improve its practical application to integrate it within the quality systems for the audits of the national accreditation body, ENAC, it is necessary to reduce the periods of development and delivery of the final report. On the other hand ENAC is requiring often that the providers of ILP must be accredited. This is going to be a requirement in the near future for ILP, if they are to be used for accredited assays. UILI’s ILP organizers are working to do these improvements.

Header Aprolab

French Laboratory Association joins UILI

French Association by law of 1901, created in 1992, whose name is:
"Association Professionnelle des Sociétés françaises de Contrôle en Laboratoire"
The acronym is APROLAB.

Governing board M. Vigneau

APROLAB is an association of accredited private French laboratories.

The association aims to:
  • Promote joint study of general problems relating to the operating conditions of service provision in terms of analysis and / or laboratory test, including a code of ethics of the profession.
  • Represent the profession with the French official bodies and international institutions.
  • Organize the representation of the profession in the French professional organizations, European and international.
  • Represent the profession in various forums including: Committees for Standardization, Accreditation, Certification, Qualification for which its members are competent and concerned.
  • Promote the representation of the profession in national and international events.
  • More generally, consider any matter of general interest, implement any means likely to meet the purpose of the Association and any action aimed at the promotion of association and collective interests of its members.

Header CCIL

Strategic review of CCIL’S Long term Business Plan

CCIL’s corporate and associate membership has been steady for the past several years with about 70% of the total lab market being labs of CCIL.

Governing Board G. G. McIntee In 2009, CCIL purchased the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) concrete lab and technicians certification programs. Training of CCIL inspectors both in-class as well as in field visits were completed with excellent cooperation from the CSA staff. Transition in-general progressed smoothly. The concrete lab and technician programs are in-general carried out in the same fashion as CSA i.e. business as usual. The lab audits and field technician certifications are completed in accordance with the CSA A283-06 standards, the current qualification code for concrete testing laboratories.

CCIL’s certification programs in asphalt, aggregate and concrete have been instrumental in seeing our association become truly national with membership and labs in all provinces.

At its February 2011 National Board Meeting, a Strategic review of CCIL’S Long term Business Plan resulted in the hiring of a PR (public relations) firm to lead our association to another level. This firm would work on specific issues and work with us to get the messages which need to be out in the public, specifically where they relate to unfair competition. This company will take care of both the advocacy and communications and marketing items in our Strategic Plan.

CCIL has sponsored a CCIL Scholarship to be applied to postgraduate studies in Materials Engineering in Concrete or Asphalt Technology.

CCIL will be producing a directory in August 2011. This hard copy of the directory is distributed nationally and members’ ads are posted free of charge on CCIL’s web site as a service to our members.

At its July 18, 2011 Annual General Meeting held in Calgary, Alberta, the following people were elected:

President Alnoor Nathoo - Peto MacCallum Ltd. (Toronto, ON)
Past President David Hope, Pacific Rim Laboratories (Surrey, BC)
Vice-President Jeff Pike, ALS Laboratory Group (Waterloo, ON)
Secretary-Treasurer Blair Colquhoun, Paracel Laboratories (Ottawa, ON)
Chairman Gilbert McIntee, St. Lawrence Testing (Cornwall, ON) Geotechnical Construction Materials Division
Chairman Barry Loescher, Maxxam Analytics Inc. (Burnaby, BC) Environmental/Life Sciences Division
Director at Large Neil Cumming, Levelton Consultants Ltd. (Richmond, BC)
Director at Large Michael L.J. Maher, Golder Associates (Whitby, ON)
Director at Large Stephen Walker, John D. Paterson & Assoc. (Ottawa, ON)
Director at Large Randy Neumann, Exova Canada Inc (Edmonton, AB)

These directors donate significant blocks of their professional time towards the activities and needs of CCIL. All CCIL members benefit from their efforts and the association is fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional group of people.

Header JEMCA

JEMCA implemented the status of Certified Environmental Measurer on Chemical Analysis.

Since 2006, JEMCA has established the Implementation Status of Certified Environmental Measurer (CEM) on Chemical Analysis for the purpose of improvement of knowledge and performance of measurers; hence contribute to social reliability, and assurance of the environment measurement. In 2008, JEMCA also started CEM on Noise & Vibration.

CEM on Chemical Analysis has 3 levels; from Level 1 to Level 3. Meanwhile, CEM on Noise & Vibration has Advance Level and Entry Level.

Governing board Dr. H. Tabata

Below are requirements on each level;

  • CEM on Chemical Analysis
    Level 1 - Measurer who has advanced technical knowledge, performance and teaching skills of environmental measurement. (Written test, skills test and oral test are required.)
    Level 2 - Measurer who has technical knowledge and performance of environmental measurement in each category shown in Table-1. (Written test, skills test and oral test are required.)
    Level 3 - Measurer who has general knowledge of environmental measurement. (Written test, only.)
  • CEM on Noise & Vibration
    Advanced Level - Measurer who has technical knowledge and performance of noise and vibration measurement. (Written test, skills test and oral test is required.)
    Entry Level - Measurer who has general knowledge of noise and vibration measurement. (Written test, only.)

Level 1 and 2 of CEM on Chemical Analysis have 4 different fields divided by target element and analytical method, and candidate passed in each field are awarded certifications. Table 2 shows up-to-date numbers of Applicants, Candidates, Successful Candidates (SC) and Pass rate % (SC/Candidates) of the test. It is difficult to pass the Level 1 test without advanced knowledge and long work experience and so measurers who passed the test are fewer than 100 until now. Since the number of certified measurer staffs reflects the laboratory ability, this certification has become the indicator in choosing laboratories by customers.

Governing board Ir. J. Soers

Belgium Association convened for their spring General Assembly to discuss the future

Just a few members of the Belgium association UPLEAR met this spring to hold their biannual General Assembly. As the Belgium Association is rather small the group discussed ways to increase membership or find other ways to organize themselves. All options were being considered.

Header VRS
Governing board Drs. L.H.A. Scholtis

VRS celebrated it’s 100th anniversary

Last year, the Dutch association VRS, celebrated its 100th anniversary with a grand gala dinner at hotel De L'Europe in Amsterdam. Members of UILI's Governing Board attended the celebration of UILI's oldest member association. New VRS chairman Drs. Hans van der Wart addressed international cooperation and the importance of UILI. Honorary Member Jhr Robbert Boddaert addressed the history of the association and showed that over a 100 years still similar issues like unfair competition are being discussed.

The Dutch association is a member of the bigger public and private Dutch laboratory association FeNeLab. The Governing Board would welcome if FeNeLab also would become a UILI Member Association. By joining UILI the Dutch laboratories could be become represented with a larger grouping.

Header ACIL

American Association ACIL is no longer a member association

ACIL informed the Governing Board that only a part of their membership is interested in international activities. Because of budgetary reasons ACIL can no longer be an intermediairy organization for all its members. ACIL members involved in international activities are invited to become direct member of UILI. For only 150 euro per laboratory your lab can become a direct UILI member.

Header ISO

UILI represents laboratories at ISO

Mr. G.G. McIntee is representing UILI at the International Organization for Standardization. Questions regarding ISO can be addressed to Mr. G.G. McIntee.

Header ILAC

ILAC Liaison update - Revision of two ISO Standards

Two very important ISO standards are currently going through the ISO revision process. They are at the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage and require input from ILAC:-

1. ISO/IEC DIS 17020 (Ed 2) - Conformity Assessment - General Criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection

Our liaison officers, Geoff Hallam (IANZ) and Lal Ilan (UKAS) are currently collating input from a small task group which consists of one representative from each Regional Cooperation. In addition, they are referring to recommendations made at the last meeting of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG). This process, which has been agreed by the ILAC Executive, should ensure good representational and consolidated input from ILAC. The DIS ballot ends on the 13 June 2011 and the ILAC Secretariat will post the comments on to the ISO portal before this date.
Should you wish to make input through your National Standards Writing Body (which is able to vote) please do so. All comments received on the DIS will be reviewed at the next meeting of ISO WG 31 on 19-21 July 2011 in Geneva (our ILAC Liaison Officers will be attending this meeting). A final draft international standard (FDIS) will then be produced. The results of this process will be passed on to ILAC members in due course by means of the ILAC liaison web page.

2. ISO/DIS 15189 (Ed 3) - Medical Laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence

Similarly, this very important standard is at the DIS stage and the ballot ends on 6 June 2011. A small task group, consisting of the ILAC liaison office to ISO TC 212, Ian Mann (SAS) and members of the ILAC AIC - and particularly members of the AIC working group on medical laboratories - will be providing consolidated ILAC comments and these will be posted on the ISO portal before the deadline. Again you will be informed of the result of this process (Ian Mann will attend the next meeting of ISO TC 212 in October 2011 when all comments will be reviewed).
As with ISO/IEC DIS 17020, you may wish to pass on any specific comments that you may have to your National Standards Writing Body.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this process. I think you will appreciate both of the ISO standards are of fundamental importance to the ILAC community and we will strive to use our 'A liaison' status with ISO to best advantage. ILAC has already inputted to earlier stages of these revisions (e.g. CD stage) but the DIS stage is really the best opportunity to make any significant changes (before moving to FDIS).

Should you have any queries with this, please do not hesitate to contact. Alan Squirrell, ILAC Secretariat
ILAC Secretariat, PO Box 7507, Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia, Ph: +61 2 9736 8374, Fax: +61 2 9736 8373, Email: ilac@nata.com.au, Website: www.ilac.org
Joint annual meetings

Annette Dever, ILAC Secretary
ILAC Secretariat, PO Box 7507,
Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia
Ph: +61 2 9736 8374
Fax: +61 2 9736 8373
Email: ilac@nata.com.au
Website: www.ilac.org

Registration open for 2011 IAF/ILAC Conference in Bangkok

It is with pleasure I am able to advise that the registration process is now open for the annual IAF/ILAC Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 2 - 11 November 2011.

The address for the Conference and registration is http://iafilac2011.tisi.go.th/ This website provides all the information in relation to registration and accommodation. An access code is required for registration. The code for registration for open meeting attendance is bkk2011. (This code cannot be used to register for closed meetings. The code for these meetings will be provided to the relevant committee Chairs for distribution.)

Our thanks are extended to our Colleagues in Thailand for hosting these meetings this year.
World accreditation day

Forward the completed translated file to Jon Murthy at Jon.Murthy@ukas.com. He has kindly agreed to upload these onto the YouTube site.

World Accreditation Day Video on YouTube

The World Accreditation Day video on YouTube now includes subtitles in the following languages Arabic, French and Spanish. These can be viewed by clicking on the cc icon at the bottom of the YouTube screen panel. An option to choose a language will be provided. The video is available via the ILAC website: www.ilac.org or the following link www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgDJlXdUEwI

If you would like subtitles included in your language, Jon Murthy, Secretary of the ILAC MCC has made available the attached file for you to provide the translation. You will need to open the attached file in WordPad and replace the English text with the translation. The timecode information and other material must not be edited or changed otherwise the upload will not be synchronized with the original film.

Header EA

New European legislative framework

EA: A new European legislation requires that from January 1, 2011, each Member nation/State of the European Union has to have a single entity of accreditation. In some countries such as Spain and Portugal there was already only one body but in other countries of the European Union was not so. The extreme case is Germany that has a body in each "lander". This situation of multiple Bodies with internal cross-border accreditation operations within the Union has led in some cases to multiplicity forms in the application of the accreditation criteria and in many cases it has been denounced the German DAP (one of the German’s Accreditation bodies), within of EA for alleged gross irregularities in institutions that have been credited by them both inside and outside Germany.

A new guide has just been published: Eurachem’s terminology in analytical measurements. Introduction to the vim3

Header UNIDO

UILI represents laboratories at UNIDO

UNIDO is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its mandate is to promote and accelerate sustainable industrial development in developing countries and economies in transition, and work towards improving living conditions in the world's poorest countries by drawing on its combined global resources and expertise.

In recent years, UNIDO has assumed an enhanced role in the global development agenda by focusing its activities on poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. Our services are based on two core functions: as a global forum, we generate and disseminate industry-related knowledge; as a technical cooperation agency, we provide technical support and implement projects.

From the secretary-general’s desk

From the Secretary-General’s desk

In the 50th year of our association it is an honour to announce the activities around our 50th anniversary. I hope many of the members will join our 24th General Assembly in Paris. If you have any questions regarding your travel or you would like to make special arrangements please write Secretary-general@uili.org

Kind regards,

Drs. Luc H.A. Scholtis
5th UILI Secretary-General
50th anniversary of UILI

24th General Assembly at the Maison de la Chimie UILI celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Our international organization, representing over thousand laboratory organizations worldwide, was founded (on 15th of June 1961) 50 years ago in la Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, it is the decision of the Governing Board to organize an extraordinary General Assembly on Friday September 16th, 2011 at the same Maison de la Chimie in Paris, France. Members are invited to attend the celebration.
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