General Assemblies

The General Assembly shall meet at least every two years, or at such intervals as shall be decided by the Governing Board. It shall:

  • make recommendations to the Governing Board on the activities of UILI;
  • elect a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary-General from amongst the members of the Governing Board, who will serve until the next General Assembly;
  • decide on the amount of the membership dues until the next General Assembly.

At a General Assembly every Ordinary member present shall have the right to vote. The decisions of the General Assembly can only be carried with a 75 per cent majority of those voting.
Observers may by invitation attend and speak at a General Assembly.
Notice of a General Assembly must be given to the members at least four months before the due date.

Calendar events
NameDescriptionStartEndVenueEvent typeDetail
UILI 29th General AssemblyTo be announced  To be announcedGeneral Assembly
UILI 28th General AssemblyRotterdam, The Netherlands  Sheraton, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsGeneral Assembly
UILI 27th General AssemblyBogota, Colombia  Bogota, ColombiaGeneral Assembly
UILI 26th General AssemblyBuenos Aires, Argentina   Buenos Aires, Argentina General Assembly
UILI 25th General AssemblyBarcelona, Spain  Barcelona, SpainGeneral Assembly
UILI 24th General AssemblyParis, France  Maison de la Chimie, Paris, FranceGeneral Assembly
UILI 23rd General AssemblyOsaka, Japan  Osaka, JapanGeneral Assembly
UILI 22nd General AssemblyMalaga, Spain  Malaga, SpainGeneral Assembly
UILI 21st General AssemblyBrussels, Belgium  Brussels, BelgiumGeneral Assembly
UILI 20th General AssemblyLondon, United Kingdom  London, United KingdomGeneral Assembly
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