The Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) represents the independent testing industry in Canada. There are over 330 member facilities across the country. These labs provide a broad array of testing services, working in such fields as construction materials, manufactured goods, minerals, oil and gas, crops, food, air, water, soil and more.

SGS Environmental ServicesLakefield
Intertek Testing ServicesMississauga
GEM Testing Ltd.Dunmore
Geo-Logic Inc.Peterborough
Golder Associates Ltd.Whitby
Inspec-Sol Ltd.Kingston
Intratech Engineering Laboratories Ltd.Scarborough
John D. Paterson and Associates LimitedNepean (Ottawa)
Landtek LimitedHamilton
Law Engineering (London) Inc.London
Levelton Consulting Ltd.Richmond
LVM Inc.Toronto
M & B Technical Testing Services Ltd.Calgary
Maxxam Analytics Inc.Bedford
Maxxam Analytics Inc.Burnaby
Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd.Burnaby
MNA Engineering Ltd.Scarborough
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