1st UILI-ILP 2006 (Finished)

According to resolution of the UILI International Proficiency Testing Committee in September 2006, the program was named as “Inter Laboratory Practice (ILP)”.

  • Hosted by: UILI
  • Co-hosted by: JEMCA, ACIL, CCIL, AELI and VRS
  • Type of the program: Proficiency Test of heavy metal in sediment.
  • Target compound: Total Chromium (T-Cr), Total Lead (T-Pb), Total Nickel (T-Ni),
    Total Zinc (T-Zn) and Total Mercury (T-Hg)
  • Method: Analyzing total concentration of metals in sediment.
  • Number of labs participated: 237
  • Number of labs submitted results: About 188 to 223
  • Statistical Evaluation using; z-score, bar charts of z-scores in ascending order and Youden-plot

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 Interlaboratory Practice - 01st UILI ILP 2006
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ILP program 2006

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