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UILI Newsletter header 2016 UILI LABMEETING
Date: 22-06-2016
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Invitation to the 2016 UILI LABMEETING
Meet and Greet the stakeholders

Dear Sir/Madam,

It gives me great pleasure to alert you to the '2016 UILI LABMEETING’ that the International Union of Independent Laboratories (UILI) on October 28th, 2016 will organize in New Delhi, India.

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From the presidents-desk - Drs L.H.A. Scholtis

The '2016 UILI LABMEETING' is an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of testing laboratories in today's society. From this perspective at the meeting are included workshops on major social and economic aspects involving laboratory tests developed by prominent speakers from around the world.

The '2016 UILI LABMEETING’ will give a valuable contribution to the image and authority of the laboratory sector and I invite you to reserve Friday October 28th, 2016 in your calendar.

At the website of UILI ( you can find all information and documentation concerning our labmeeting.

UILI - Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants

On behalf of the Governing Board,

Drs L.H.A. Scholtis
14th UILI President

preliminary program

Secretariate Melissa Fernández Valero

For information about the 2016
UILI LabMeeting please contact
Mrs. Melissa Fernández Valero

Call for presentations

We would like to point out the “Call for presentations”. We would like to invite you at our event. In that context you will find useful information on our website. Please e-mail to if you would like to be a speaker at the 2016 UILI LABMEETING. Please submit your proposals for presentations before August 20, 2016 and register at

If you would like to make a presentation at the 2016 UILI LABMEETING

(please use your e-mail address).

Call for sponsors

We would like to point out the “Call for sponsors”. The reason for this message is to inform you about our next UILI 2016 LABMEETING, an intenational laboratory meeting to discuss the international position of labaratories in relation to accreditation. Given the worldwide nature and perspective of the ILAC/IAF meeting, we consider it to be a good opportunity for an international supplier to the laboratory sector, to be represented in such a relevant event. For this reason we would like to propose you the possibility of being one of our main sponsors, together with other influential companies from our sector.

If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsors, please contact with me as soon as possible so that we could establish an agreement of cooperation.

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