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UILI Webinar - Survival Strategies
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UILI Webinar

Dear UILI members and contacts,

The world around us and our business have changed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. The impact of the virus was, is and will be noticeable for quite some time. What are these consequences? And how do you deal with them? Time for UILI to catch-up and put our international network to good use.

Join to meet our members and to see how independent laboratories expercience the COVID-19 pandemic.

UILI Webinar

Survival strategies for independent laboratories in a post-COVID-19 world
Reports from around the globe by independent public and private laboratories

Thursday November 12 at 13:00 -14:30 CET.

Luc Scholtis - Dutch laboratories responing to the COVID-19 pandemic
Toru Matsumura - The role of the Japanese laboratory Association JEMCA in supporting their members to help them survive the pandemic
Álvaro Silva Ribeiro - European laboratories facing the "new normal"


Other stakeholders or colleagues within your organization that need to join the webinar? Every one is welcome! Please register and we will provide you with a link to join the meeting.

We are looking forward to you seeing you!

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The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI) is an international organization representing the laboratory industry, established in 1960. The present membership represents of over a 2000 mayor laboratory associations, individual laboratories and laboratory suppliers offering a diverse range of laboratory testing and consulting services.

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